Rodeo Core (Factory-Certified Open Box)

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Enjoy an energizing ride while whipping core muscles into shape. The fun and easy way to tone your abs and thighs, using the Rodeo Core is much easier than doing sit-ups. Horseback riding is a great form of exercise because it stimulates the heart and blood vessels, and conditions your muscles. Get the same kind of exercise using the Rodeo Core! Easy to use, just sit down on the saddle and place both feet onto the pedals. By leaning forward and backward along with the saddle's motion, a swinging motion tones muscles in the midsection of your body. Compact and lightweight, it takes up little space and offers three height variations to fit individual shapes. Requires no electricity.

  • Rodeo Core abdominal exerciser uses a forward and backward motion to make any ab workout fun.
  • 10 mins=100 Sit Ups! For a flat stomach, use each day in combination with a healthy diet.
  • Core trainer helps reshape back, waist, stomach, and thighs by engaging core and upper leg muscles.
  • Unlike other ab workout equipment, Rodeo Core is a compact machine that requires no electricity.
  • This ab core trainer uses the same muscles as horseback riding, like legs thighs buttocks calves. Great ab workout equipment

The Rodeo Core Exerciser is the fun and easy way to tone your midsection. This compact device quietly works the same muscles as horseback riding, stimulating the heart and blood vessels while toning your abs, back, glutes and legs. Simply sit on the saddle, place both feet on the pedal and lean forward and backward. It doesn't need batteries or electricity, so you can use it anywhere for a great workout.

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